Can ‘The Batman’ Rival it’s Genius Predecessors?

Whilst we’re still a long while away from the massively anticipated release of ‘The Batman’ which is set to hit the screens some time in 2022 (Current release date March 22) you can’t help but be excited to see what Robert Pattinson can do in the iconic role and even more so what Matt Reeves can do from a directorial point of view.

No doubt it is going to take some serious quality for the diehard Dark Knight trilogy fans to be able to wholeheartedly accept ‘The Batman’ but you must say considering it’s predecessors, even for casual fans this movie does have a LOT to live up to. The Dark Knight trilogy stands as arguably the best ‘superhero’ story of all time and especially ‘The Dark Knight’ which is considered by so many to be the best ‘superhero’ film ever made, so should we be looking for a step up from Pattinson?

Filming for the movie has well and truly got underway and the initial trailer released back in August definitely shows some promise.

Behind the scenes photos of Robert Pattinson filming 'The Batman'
Behind the Scenes images of ‘The Batman’ in filming

But should fans be nervous? Well, there are a few reasons that might lead ‘The Batman’ to struggle to stand up on it’s own:

DC Attempting to Please Everyone…

DC needs to be really careful in its approach creatively as far as ‘The Batman’ goes, because they are well and truly aware of the fact that their fanbase is really divided into two key groups relating to the new release. One is looking for a completely unseen and new creative approach towards the character that does the previous trilogy justice but doesn’t hug onto its direction for safety, the other is so attached to the previous trilogy that it wants to see nothing other than an extension of what they feel is DC at their very best.

Poster for 'The Dark Knight'
Will the success of ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy be too much for ‘The Batman’ to excel

This is a problem for DC and a cause for concern for a few reasons, the first of which being the fact that if DC decides to overly consider public outpour that is hitting media leading up to ‘The Batman’ they more than likely will get caught up attempting to please everyone and in doing so end up producing a movie that gets tangled between trying to stand as it’s own piece and doing justice to the previous one.

It also means that Matt Reeves may well struggle to find complete creative freedom under the production company that we’ve seen time and time again choose safety over creative integrity, a decision that has led to their downfall and the eventual Marvel dominance over the last decade.

Unrealistic Expectations:

The problem with producing one of the most highly regarded superhero trilogies of all time is that anything following that body of work is going to come under serious heat and criticism according to a public sense that the next new film needs to be bigger and better in almost every faucet.

While it would be unfair to say fans shouldn’t be excited for ‘The Batman’ it is tough to put so much unbelievable pressure and unattainable expectation on a movie where eventually even in the case that it is good, the fact that it isn’t moviemaking genius deems it a flop. Robert Pattinson is coming back into the blockbuster industry after spending a fair bit of time producing lower budgeted flicks and there is no way for the ‘Twilight’ star to succeed in a role that is being placed under impossible expectation.

With fans already passing a fair bit of hate the way of Pattinson and really the entire approach that ‘The Batman’ seems to be taking, it’s important neither the cast/production team nor the studio allow that to affect the film in any way because it will more than likely just do unnecessary damage.

Changing The Traditional ‘Batman’ Persona:

It has been reveled that ‘The Batman’ is going to appreciate the origins of Batman but also attempt to take a new stance on the way the character is portrayed, personally I feel it might be good to see a bit of character insight in a new light but there is no doubt traditional fans who’ve known Batman as a gritty and stone cold vigilante may be concerned with this, and they have a right to be.

Many pin the blame on Pattinson whom they feel is developing a ‘Twilight’ style Batman and while we really won’t have a great idea of what’s being done behind the camera until the movie hits the screens the fact that a new side of Batman is in the works is reason to both be excited and concerned.

More than likely ‘The Batman’ will be a noir driven adventure and fingers crossed Pattinson will be up to the challenge because such a significant change to the status quo would be daunting for even the best actors, and that is without going into the nature of the passionate fanbase surrounding Batman.

Can Pattinson stand up in his new role as ‘Batman’

Considering this is one of Pattinsons biggest ever roles and really one of his first in the type of role that ‘The Batman’ requires him to be, it’s important that fans consider his adaption as a piece of it’s own and try to avoid directly comparing it to the work of Christian Bale’s whom previously donned the cape and mask. Although I think everybody knows that is not going to happen.

At this point all fans can do is hope he knocks it out of the park and puts in a quality performance, and hopefully with the direction of Reeves and the full support of the studio we’ll see a well received release some time in 2022…

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