The Best Streaming Services For Australians in 2021

The days of needing to physically go out to a cinema to see the latest film releases are well and truly past us, and whilst there is of course still big value in making a day out of going to the cinema many nowadays choose the comfort of their own couch and home along with a streaming service for most, if not all their movie needs. Especially given the global pandemic that has ravaged the industry and the ability for cinemas to run over the last year it seems that now is as appropriate a time as ever to take a look at The Best Streaming Services Available to Australians in 2021.


Netflix logo

Netflix has dominated the scene for many years now and still stands as the most used service with over 182.8 million subscribers as of April 2020. With a plentiful catalogue of Movies and Tv shows Netflix is no doubt the most well known service, but lets have a look at some of the pros and cons.


  • Considerably cheap subscription options (Starting at $10.99 per month in Australia)
  • Massive catalogue (Thousands of Movie and Tv titles)
  • Easy setup
  • Offline playback (Downloadable content)
  • Support across almost all devices
  • Netflix Original films


  • Latest Tv episodes not available right away
  • Outdated library (Newer content takes time to come to the platform)
  • Catalogue depends on location (Different titles depending on where you live)

Overall Netflix is a really quality streaming service and arguably the best if you’re looking for variety and aren’t too concerned with a somewhat outdated library. The platform is well priced between $11-$20 per month and has a good support service available if you have issues.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus Logo

Disney Plus has burst onto the streaming scene over the last few years surpassing 73.7 million subscribers last year. By making everything Disney associated exclusive to it’s service it has quickly become one of the most popular services available, priced really well at $8.99 per month or $89.99 a year Disney Plus is definitely a good option for those looking to stream content in 2021.


  • Very well priced relative to other streaming services
  • Exclusive Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic titles that can’t be streamed on other platforms
  • Disney Plus Originals
  • Good device compatibility


  • Licensing issues leading to many titles not being available yet
  • Unreliable interface (Bugs, errors and general problems are fairly common)
  • Limited Fox content
  • No way to manually adjust streaming quality

Disney Plus is the perfect and realistically the only streaming platform for viewers looking for anything Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar or National Geographic and with a low price tag is definitely a good option overall, only really being held back by interface issues and obviously a narrower catalogue compared to other services.


Stan Logo

Stan is certainly one of the smaller services out there, but with a still considerable 2.1 million subscribers as of August 2020 it definitely shouldn’t be counted out when on the search for a streaming platform. Exclusive to Australia and with reasonably priced plans starting at $10 a month Stan might just be for you.


  • Good device compatibility
  • Easily navigated and well made interface
  • Decent catalogue of Movies and Tv shows
  • Original Tv shows
  • Focus on Australian content


  • Some Tv shows not fully available (Only some episodes)
  • Not the best recommendation system

Stan in essence is the Australian Netflix, and with good device compatibility and user interface plus many quality originals is a good option for those looking for a well priced homegrown streaming service that is Australian made and run. The focus on Australian content is a big player for viewers who appreciate/are looking for it and coupled with a growing library of global content Stan will continue to grow for years to come.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video logo

Amazon seems to be branching into every market it possibly can, Amazon Prime Video is no different. With a huge catalogue and costing just $6.99 a month or $59 per year the service is well and truly competitive price wise and boasting over 50 million subscribers worldwide is no doubt a big player in the Australian market.


  • Huge Catalogue
  • 4K and HDR streaming quality
  • Offline download options
  • Allows users to rent or buy content
  • Occasional sports content


  • Loses content to other services due to licensing issues
  • (Although Larger) Lesser quality catalogue compared to other services

Amazon Prime Video has come a long way since starting in 2011 as a regular video rental service to become one of the big players in the streaming market. Competitively priced the service mainly stands out with it’s Originals which continue to grow in popularity, and though the catalogue isn’t of quite as high a standard (Although much larger) compared to other services (Mainly due to licensing issues) Amazon Prime Video is still a quality option.

Direct Comparisons:


Netflix Disney PlusStanAmazon Prime Video
Starts at $10.99 per month$8.99 per month or $89.99 a yearStarts at $10 per month$6.99 per month or $59 a year
Service Plan Comparison


Netflix (Global)Disney Plus (Global)Stan (Exclusive to Australia)Amazon Prime Video (Global)
182+ Million73+ Million2+ Million50+ Million
Subscriber Comparison

Catalogue (Tv Shows):

NetflixDisney PlusStanAmazon Prime Video
798 shows284 shows 632 shows1345 shows
Tv Show Amount Comparison

Catalogue (Movies):

NetflixDisney PlusStanAmazon Prime Video
3,600+ Movies500+ Movies1,300 + Movies18,405 Movies
Movie Amount Comparison

Choosing the Best Streaming Service For You?

All in all it’s clear that Australia has plenty of fantastic streaming services to offer and it really depends on the type of viewer you are when choosing the right one for you. Pricing is fairly consistent across all the options but still is important to consider long term in order to get the best value out of your decision.

Amazon Prime Video has an absolutely huge catalogue but lacks quality for it, Netflix has a more refined list but is edging more towards originals, Stan puts in an effort to push Australian content and Disney Plus targets it’s own audience with exclusive rights to big franchises. Currently it seems that Netflix stands as the best option for most due to such a wide and quality catalogue, however there are big cases to be pushed for Stan, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime video as well…

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