The Biggest Box Office Flops Of All Time

What are the biggest box office flops of all time?

Big studios with big budgets pump out movies year after year, but as you’re probably already aware a massive budget does not necessarily correlate to massive success. This idea that money makes movie hasn’t seem to have left Hollywood yet and we’re still seeing big budget blockbusters failing to hit the mark.

But which ones we’re the worst. What movies will go down in history as some of the biggest Box Office flops of all time. Let’s find out…

10. “The 13th Warrior” ($63.3 Million Loss)

Rewatch: The 13th Warrior (1999) | I enthuse

Antonio Banderas starred in this 1999 adaption based off Michael Crichton’s novel ‘Eaters of the Dead’, however with a budget of around 125 Million and a Box Office performance grossing just $61.7 million ‘The 13th Warrior’ fell way short of the mark losing around $63.3 million.

9. “Monster Trucks” ($63.4 Million Loss)

Review: Horses Under the Hood? In 'Monster Trucks,' Try a Cephalopod - The  New York Times

I remember seeing the trailer for ‘Monster Trucks’ back in 2016 and thinking ‘Well, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while‘. Turns out I wasn’t the only one with that mindset. The movie is about a monster who lives in a truck, and thus comes about the innovative masterclass that is ‘Monster Truck’, genius right. A budget of $125 million and a box office flop grossing of $61.6 million with the loss accounting to around $63.4 million says otherwise.

8. “The Alamo” – 2004 ($68.1 Million Loss)

Why Did The Alamo Flop? - True West Magazine

Compared to John-Wayne’s 1960 production of ‘The Alamo’ which earned several Academy Awards nominations, the 2004 remake didn’t produce anywhere near as much success or recognition and with a budget of $92 million and a worldwide gross of $23.9 million ‘The Alamo’ suffered a bad loss of around $68.1 million.

7. “The Nutcracker in 3D” ($69.5 Million Loss)

The Nutcracker - Is The Nutcracker on Netflix - FlixList

Absolutely unanimously hated by nearly every single critic whom decided to bless their eyes with ‘The Nutcracker in 3D’ this movie was only held up by some moviegoers giving it a chance. A $90 million budget and a measly $20.5 million box office performance mean ‘The Nutcracker in 3D’ took a massive loss of around $69.5 million and is one of the biggest box office flops seen in recent years.

6. “How Do You Know” ($70.4 Million Loss)

Movie Review: “How Do You Know” - Daily Bruin

Star studded with talent including Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon, Jack Nicholson and Owen Wilson ‘How Do You Know’ proved that sometimes big budgets and big names just won’t cut it without a decent plotline. The movie boasted a $120 million budget and only managed to bring in $49.6 million at the global box office making ‘How Do You Know’ a costly $70.4 million flop.

5. “Cutthroat Island” ($73.5 Million Loss)

Cutthroat Island (1995) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM

The film company behind this 1995 pirate adventure movie actually filed for bankruptcy before it’s release, which was obviously a fantastic sign for ‘Cutthroat Island’ which went on to release to an unsurprisingly terrible box office performance given the massive budget. ‘Cutthroat Island’ lost $73.5 million after a budget of $92 million grossed just $18.5 million at the global box office.

4. ‘The Promise’ ($79.4 Million Loss)

Review: 'The Promise' Finds a Love Triangle in Constantinople - The New  York Times

This Indie movie loaded with a big budget and some big names in Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale may actually be considered to be unlucky to be on this list considering the struggle to find a U.S distributor due to geopolitical issues. The Turkish Government also likely had something of an impact on this movie’s release considering it’s controversial subject matter however with a $90 million budget and a worldwide box office performance of only $10.6 million ‘The Promise’ lost $79.4 million and is one of the biggest box office flops in recent history and of all time.

3. ‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ ($92.9 Million Loss)

3) The Adventures of Pluto Nash | Box Office: The Top 10 Biggest  Money-Losing Movies of All Time |

A $100 million budget movie that brought in only $7.1 million in the box office worldwide. Yes you are reading that correctly, ‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ lost a grand total of $92.9 million and stands as arguably Eddie Murphy’s worst effort falling easily in the top three biggest box office flops of all time.

2. ‘Town And Country’ ($94.6 Million Loss)

Town & Country (2001): This Notorious Fiasco Lost $90M | Bomb Report

From the outset ‘Town and Country’ was a complete and utter disaster, constant rewrites, retakes and a nearly two-year-long shoot led to a monstrous $100 million budget. There are some films that may have been able to survive such a difficult production process but ‘Town and Country’ failed gloriously in every aspect and was pretty much ignored by just about everybody grossing just $10.4 million for a loss of $94.6 million.

1. ‘Mars Needs Moms’ ($110.5 Million Loss)

Mars Needs Moms |

The title speaks for itself here, without doubt one of the worst movie concepts man has ever been able to muster and the biggest box office flop by quite some way. Due to the work being produced used what then was ‘cutting edge’ tech ‘Mars Needs Moms’ racked up a budget of $150 million and upon release managed to pull in just $39.5 million for a loss of $110.5 million.

Unanimously unsettling young children around the world ‘Mars Needs Moms’ was impressively terrible clearly did not come across as intended and is probably deservedly at the top of this list as the biggest box office flop ever seen.

10 New Movies Releasing in 2021 to Get Excited About…

New movies are always something to get excited about, but especially after so many delays in 2020 the new year holds a plethora of new movies for fans around the world to get pumped for. In fact there are so many big movies set to release this year that it’s hard to decide what to be the most excited about, so I made a list. Here’s 10 new movies releasing in 2021 to get ready for…

No Time to Die (October 8th)

The newest release in the Bond series was actually set to come out in April however was postponed to October due to Covid-19 disruptions. The movie is still coming out in 2021 though and even after everyone thought Daniel Craig may have been finished in his most famous role he will return to the screens once again for ‘No Time to Die’.

The King’s Man (Expected August)

Going back in time to the origins of the independent intelligence agency ‘The King’s Man’ was hit hard by pandemic pushbacks, but it would be fair to say that even if not in August the film should hit the screens at some point in 2021.

Black Widow (April 29th)

Scarlett Johansson will return to the big screen once again as Black Widow in the standalone piece which as of right now is set to come out on April 29th. Marvel fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming release of ‘Black Widow’ and after a promising and well received trailer no doubt this will be a hit at the box office.

Cherry (February 26th)

‘Cherry’ is one of those films that I just can’t help but be excited for, a Russo brothers film starring Tom Holland in a role that really puts him outside his comfort zone is something that could either be top notch or highly underwhelming and given what we know about the movie thus far it shows some serious promise. Set to release on February 26th hopefully ‘Cherry’ can pull a top performance from Tom Holland to please fans around the world.

Godzilla vs. Kong (March 25th)

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Gozilla vs. Kong. Whoever came up with this idea is nothing short of a genius because it almost sounds too good to be true. Set to release on March 25th the battle of the titans that is ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is not going to provoke anything meaningful but good lord it is set to be one hell of a ride.

Free Guy (May 21st)

I feel like I’ve known about this movie for so long yet ‘Free Guy’ isn’t set for release until May 21st of this year. Based of the story of a bank teller (Ryan Reynolds) becoming self-aware that he is a background character in a video game the blockbuster (although nothing groundbreaking) looks promising and Reynolds rarely does a bad job in these types of roles.

Top Gun: Maverick (July 1st)

Supposed to hit the screens back in December of 2020 ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ was pushed back to July 1st but will no doubt be one of the bigger releases of the year and with a big budget of 152 Million USD along with Tom Cruise returning to the Top Gun sequel, fans should be excited to see him return to the role after more than three decades.

Dune (October 1st)

Based off the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert ‘Dune’ is another big budget film coming out as of right now on October 1st. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned for this film especially considering the fact that it has actually been tried and failed before in the form of a 1984 Dune movie, however there are also plenty of reasons to be excited too. With an on the rise Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Mamoa, Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson all in lead roles backed by a big budget ‘Dune’ certainly looks to be promising.

Spider Man Sequel (December 17th)

Marvel have confirmed that there is to be a new spider man movie releasing in 2021 and although untitled as of right now (To the public that is) the movie has a release date of December 17th. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this sequel is the fact that there has been confirmation of a return of both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in some way shape or form, news that only makes the new Spider Man even more anticipating though it won’t come until the end of the year.

The Father (April 1st)

‘The Father’ is maybe one of the smaller movies on this list but following the story of a defiant yet aging father whom begins to question the fabric of his own existence in an attempt to make sense of his changing scenery is just destined to be a hit amongst many who decide watch it. With a release date set on April 1st I won’t have any hesitation in going to see this one the first chance I get.

2021 is shaping up to be e big year for the industry, let me know if there are any other movies you’re excited for down in the comments below!